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Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Indoor air quality is of great concern. Allergens, dander and dust should be removed with high quality air cleaners. Protect your family from allergens that aggravate your family’s health.

  • Check out Trane whole house Clean Effects which removes 99.98% of air borne products. This new product cleans the air better than the best hepa filter, while it is providing Cleaner air and more of it.

  • Instead of that cheap throw-away filter consider the installation of Premium electrostatic air filters which are permanent with lifetime warranties.

  • Purchase portable ionic air purifier. By duplicating the same processes nature uses to clean the air outside, it keeps indoor air fresh and clean-smelling day and night.

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TRANE CleanEffects™- a revolution in clean air technology

Click here to contact us about the purchase of electrostatic filters or portable ionic air purifier.


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