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Air Conditioners

Condensers, commonly called air conditioners are the part of the system that usually sets outside your home. Condensers are placed on concrete or suitable pads that support them.  The heat from your home is exhausted outside where it is unobjectionable thru the top of the condenser. 

Air conditioning systems are made up of a furnace inside and a condenser outside.  Air conditioners (condensers) have their efficiencies rated so the consumer can compare how much they are going to cost to run versus another model.  The rating each model has is called, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  This term is known as SEER. The higher the seer rating the less it costs to run per hour.  Energy bills are reduced by selecting the highest seer rating possible.

Air conditioning is where you remove heat where it is objectionable (inside your home) and move it (outside your home) where it is unobjectionable.

Duopacks or package systems are when the complete air conditioner and blower are located in a single unit outside.

At Michaelís Air Conditioning we sell, service, and install residential equipment in new and existing homes. We service any make or brand of HVAC.

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