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Like Itís Our Own!!!

Here at Michael's Air Conditioning & Heating, it is our belief that after 30 years of service to this community that you deserve our undivided attention!

Remember We're The Guys In The "Cool Purple Vans"

You have legitimate choices for air conditioning service companies.

Thank You for choosing us!

We intend to be measured by friendliness, ability to listen, and capability to resolve your problem the first time.

Relax, Donít Worry!  Weíll sweep the floor when weíre done!

Letís get going!  Thank you for visiting our website.   It is designed to help you become the best informed consumer in Oklahoma today.  Michael's Air Conditioning and Heating knows that residential and business air conditioning systems along with heat pumps are more complex than they used to be.  New technology is coming out everyday.  Go ahead and explore.  Look into why variable speed furnaces/air handlers are the wave of the future.  Why you can have cleaner air and more of it.  Discover how to make your HVAC system the most efficient ever.


We're The Guys In The "Cool Purple Vans"

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